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Let the Mystique of Tree Lighting Elevate Your Charleston Landscape Each Night

How many beautiful trees on your Charleston property would you choose to highlight with landscape lighting? When it comes to creating a lighting design for your trees, we’re not trying to make trees more beautiful. We focus on trees that are already beautiful and accentuate them through the special outdoor lighting techniques. Illuminating the trunk of a tall tree draws attention to how grand and towering it is, which may be in contrast to other nearby trees. Illuminating the canopy of a tree with a wide, beautiful crown accentuates its reach over other nearby plants.

When we say that outdoor lighting enhances the beauty of your landscape, we’re referring to the overall effect of lighting several points throughout the yard. Think of your yard like a shadow box. Some figures are in the foreground, some are in the middle and some in the background. Lighting trees at various distances from the viewer adds depth and dimension to a landscape that would otherwise go flat after dark.

Follow Us to the Best Palm Tree Lighting Company in Charleston, SC

Around Charleston we have more than a few species of palm trees. Some are taller, upright, and some shorter ones are known as shrub palms. Examples of palms in our area are the Palmetto palm, Windmill palm, Sago palm (not a true palm), Saw palmetto, Canary palm, Fan palm and Sabal Minor.

Each palmetto and palm tree is absolutely beautiful. How do you choose which ones to light? That’s where your professional outdoor lighting designer comes in. We have done this before and have years of experience. When your lighting designer visits your property, he or she will make recommendations regarding which trees to illuminate for the best effect. While each tree is beautiful in its own right, we are also looking for the overall impact of lighting a select number of trees on your property based on their location.

The only palm tree lighting company in Charleston, SC, you want to call is Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Charleston. We know palm trees. We know Charleston landscapes. We are true professionals when it comes to knowing what to illuminate and how to bring out the best of every palm tree upon which we focus. Do not take our title, “lighting designer,” lightly. That would be like comparing a tourist with a point-and-click camera to a professional photographer. The end result of our work is art.

Illuminating the Majesty of Charleston’s Live Oaks

Another signature tree in the Charleston area is the Live Oak. Each tree has unique character developed over centuries of growth in the humid breezes coming off of the rivers. That character is heightened by Spanish moss draping the branches of many Live Oak trees and projecting an aura of mystery. In the darkness these trees may seem spooky to some. With gentle lighting the trees no longer seem so spooky.

Moonlighting is the name for one of our most popular tree lighting techniques, and this is used to stunning effect in a live oak tree. We use our tallest ladders to reach up into the tree and install lights that shine down through the branches and leaves. At night this creates a mottled pattern of light and shadow below. If you can imagine a full moon shining down through your signature tree every night of the year, you have captured the essence of moonlighting.

What lighting techniques will work best with the trees in your yard? Work with the professionals. As your Charleston outdoor lighting specialists, Outdoor Lighting Perspectives will not disappoint.

To find out how Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Charleston can bring elegant illumination to your legacy oaks and illustrious palm trees after dark, call us today at (843) 412-5874 or email us at [email protected]. We look forward to hearing from you soon!

Showcase the Elegance and Charm of Your Pawleys Island Home

As you spruced up your Pawleys Island home this spring, did you overlook the need for outdoor lighting? Whether you’ve had your island home for years, or this is your first summer here, it’s time you gave some thought to installing outdoor lighting at your Pawleys Island home.

Outdoor lighting isn’t just some trendy phrase that followed folks from the big-city suburbs here to the island. Outdoor lighting in Pawleys Island, SC, serves several purposes, and overall it is a wise investment for any island homeowner.

Maybe you’ve driven around Charleston or Savannah at night and seen elegant, well-lit homes and thought, Wow, I’d love to live in a house like that. Why not give your home the same allure, only in a beautiful island setting?

Top 4 Benefits of Outdoor Lighting in Pawleys Island, SC

  1. The most obvious benefit is the way outdoor lighting enhances the beauty of your home at night. Whether your home is new or well-seasoned, elegant or charming, when the sun goes down a lot of elegance and charm are lost in darkness. A simple solution is to schedule an appointment for a free lighting consultation with Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Charleston.

  2. In addition to beauty, outdoor lighting offers increased safety and security. If you’re walking through your yard in the dark, what are you going to trip over? If you miss your step on a path or staircase, where will you fall? Outdoor lighting goes a long way toward eliminating accidents on your property. There is no need to come home to a dark house, either. The same outdoor lighting that enhances beauty also increases security at night.

  3. Landscape lighting around your pool, deck, porch or patio increases the amount of time you can enjoy those outdoor living spaces. You don’t need to be driven indoors by darkness, nor do you need to rely on flickering candles or tiki torches to provide sufficient lighting. Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Charleston knows how important your outdoor living spaces are here on the island.

  4. If you’re renting out your island home part of the year, the increased curb appeal that landscape lighting provides will draw vacationers who value an especially attractive and well-lit beach home.

How do I get outdoor lighting at my Pawleys Island home?

Excellent question! It’s actually quite easy, because we are very customer-oriented and we like to do the work for you. Once you schedule your free lighting design consultation, your work is done. Our professional outdoor lighting designer will arrive at your home, on time, and ask you for a tour of the property. We will ask questions about your goals for outdoor lighting. Some homeowners focus on safety and security goals, while others focus on enhancing beauty, and the good news is we can achieve both goals with the same lighting.

We’ll want to get more specific than that, though, because safety, security and beauty are very broad goals. Do you want landscape lighting, architectural lighting, path lighting, garden lighting, outdoor living space lighting—well, you get the idea! We’ll talk with you about what you want to light, and why, and we’ll offer our suggestions. After this meeting, our lighting designer will create a custom lighting plan specifically for your home and the goals you talked about.

If you’re confident you want outdoor lighting installed at your home, your next appointment will be with our lighting technicians who’ll conduct the installation. However, if you’re not yet convinced about the effectiveness of outdoor lighting, we also offer a free nighttime lighting demonstration. We’ll return with your custom lighting plan in hand and set up temporary lights just before sundown. After the sun sets, we’ll turn on the lights. This step usually washes away any doubts in the mind of a potential client.

To find out how Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Charleston can bring elegant illumination to your Pawleys Island home and property after dark, call us today at 843-412-5874 or email us at [email protected]. We look forward to hearing from you soon!

Outdoor Lighting Perspectives® Owns the Night on Sullivan’s Island

You, too, can “Own the Night” on Sullivan’s Island with Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Charleston. If your landscaping goes dark at night, let us take care of that for you with subtle and elegant landscape lighting at your Sullivan’s Island home.

Whether you live here year-round or part of the year, you will enjoy your island property even more when you see it bathed in a gentle wash of landscape lighting. Our professional lighting designers have placed outdoor lighting on properties all over the Charleston area, and we are very good at what we do. You can put that experience to work for your home, and you won’t believe your eyes when you see the effects. No matter how beautiful your home and landscape are, when we add just the right touches of landscape lighting, all you’ll be able to say will be “wow!”

We Customize Your Experience of Landscape Lighting On Sullivan’s Island SC

We won’t bring big spotlights and aim them at your trees with a glare. We have a way of delicately angling one light here and another one there until a series of discrete lights is playing your landscape and making it sing. In harmony. We have several different kinds of lighting fixtures designed to showcase different types of plants such as live oak trees, palm trees, flowering shrubs, rose beds and more. We can use uplighting that shines into a focus shrub, giving it new dimension, and downlighting that looks like the moon is shining down through your trees. We have gentle lights for your pathways and flower beds, and we’ll illuminate just those you select and leaving everything else to retreat into darkness.

You will be our partner in landscape lighting on Sullivan’s Island SC as we walk around your property with you and talk about your goals for lighting. You’ll select the plantings you want us to illuminate. We can explain the various lighting techniques and how they work with different kinds of plants, but ultimately the lighting plan we design is based on your preferences. All of the beauty that you’ve established to surround your home, including water features and statues, currently disappears at sunset. With landscape lighting, this beauty can be appreciated after dark, too.

Seeing Is Believing When It Comes to Landscape Lighting

If you’re uncertain about landscape lighting, or if you think our claims are exaggerated—sometimes people do!—we’ll be happy to set up a free nighttime lighting demonstration at your home. After we meet with you and create a lighting design for your property, we’ll return with temporary lights and set them up just before sundown. When the sun sets, we’ll turn the lights on, and you’ll get a pretty good idea what your permanent lighting design would look like. What you’ll find is that no matter how beautiful your property is, with landscape lighting it will glow with a different beauty not seen in the daytime.

Landscape lighting can illuminate shrubs and other plantings that line your driveway or walkways, where it also serves as safety lighting for your family and guests. You need never have a dark walkway again.

To find out how Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Charleston can transform your Sullivan’s Island home and landscape after dark, call us today at 843-412-5874 or email us at [email protected]. We look forward to hearing from you soon!

Outdoor Courtyard Lighting in Charleston, SC, Is a Gift You Give Yourself

If you’re lucky enough to have one of Charleston’s beautiful courtyards at your home and haven’t yet looked into courtyard lighting, what are you waiting for? You’re going to be so amazed when you add professional lighting you’ll regret waiting this long. While the courtyard itself is already beautiful, when you add the right lighting at night, your courtyard will be transformed to another level of beauty. You may have seen this effect at someone else’s courtyard, but it’s even more powerful when the space you’re transforming is your own.

Notice we said “the right lighting.” A romantic Charleston courtyard is not the place to try your hand at Do-It-Yourself outdoor lighting. Only the best professionally designed and installed outdoor lighting will do a Charleston courtyard justice. Only Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Charleston can handle this job to perfection. We live and breathe Charleston outdoor lighting every day. We know how to “do” Charleston right.

What makes outdoor courtyard lighting in Charleston, SC, so difficult? We didn’t exactly say it was difficult. Think of it like a work of art. If you don’t have talent as an artist, you can still purchase tubes of paint, a few brushes and a canvas. You can apply paint to the canvas. But you might not want to hang that painting in your living room.

Outdoor lighting, landscape lighting and especially outdoor courtyard lighting are not works of manual labor. They are works of art. For each Charleston courtyard we illuminate, we design a custom lighting plan to enhance the specific features in that courtyard. As no two courtyards or gardens are exactly alike, no two professional lighting designs are exactly alike.

Professional outdoor lighting designers have talent, we have skills and we have training specific to each different lighting technology in our toolbox. Talent led us into this profession, like a calling. Skills have made us good at this work. Training enables us to use each type of light fixture and light placement to the greatest effect. Add our remarkable customer service, and you have the essence of what makes Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Charleston the best lighting company to trust with your courtyard.

If you have statues, other kinds of art or fountains in your Charleston courtyard, you’re in for an extra treat. We can custom design deliberate but subtle focus lighting to enhance each piece of art and each water feature. The courtyard is your oasis and your showpiece. You relish the time you’re able to spend there. What you’ll find with courtyard lighting is that first, it enhances the beauty of the place, the same beauty you see in the daylight. Then it adds another dimension of beauty achieved only through light and shadows, adding depth and texture to your already-beautiful setting. What are you waiting for?

To find out how Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Charleston can bring your Charleston courtyard to life at night, call us today at 843-412-5874 or email us at [email protected]. We look forward to hearing from you soon!

Look No Further for the Finest Outdoor Lighting Company in Mount Pleasant, SC

Mount Pleasant certainly has its share of exquisite homes and beautiful waterfront properties. You’ve invested time and money into your home’s exterior and landscaping, so why let it all go dark at night? We happen to know of an excellent outdoor lighting company in Mount Pleasant, SC, with the experience and skills to do your home justice. It’s us! Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Charleston.

Frankly, not all outdoor lighting companies are capable of lighting your home the way it deserves to be seen. We have proven our expertise throughout this city in residential and commercial outdoor lighting installations over the past 12-plus years.

Would you like to see what magic we can work at your Mount Pleasant home, too? We make it easy for you to say “Yes!” because we offer a free design consultation AND a free nighttime lighting demonstration. When you see what our professional outdoor lighting techniques can do for your home and property after dark, you’ll wonder why you waited so long to find out.

Your Free Nighttime Outdoor Lighting Demonstration

First, we’ll meet with you at your Mount Pleasant home to walk the property and talk about what you would like to achieve with outdoor lighting. From this conversation, we’ll create a custom lighting plan designed to meet your goals and show your home in the very best light. Then we’ll schedule your free nighttime demonstration, and on that day we’ll arrive at your home approximately 30 minutes prior to sunset. Our designer will set up temporary lighting fixtures according to that design, and when the sun sets, we’ll flip the switch on. The typical homeowner’s response is to “Ooooh” and “Ahhhh” like it’s the 4th of July. You’ll be amazed at what we can accomplish.

It’s important to note that while architectural lighting and landscape lighting are remarkably beautiful, you’ll gain practical benefits as well. Lighting around your home can deter crime and increase the safety of your walkways and steps at night.

Types of Outdoor Lighting for Your Mount Pleasant Home

We use the highest-quality LED bulbs and fixtures. Our copper and brass fixtures will stand up to the elements and gain a gorgeous patina as they age. You may have heard in the past that LED lights were disappointing and gave off a bluish-white glow that was not flattering to landscape or architecture. That was true at one time, however, the technology has improved to the point that LED lights provide lighting as attractive as halogen lights do. Why does this matter? LED lights use up to 80% less energy than halogen. The savings on your monthly electric bill will be significant.

Architectural Lighting

Our work to accent your home’s best features is more subtle than a bright spotlight pointed at your house. We’ll work with the textures of your home’s façade and bring out elements you might not even notice in the daytime. Effective architectural lighting says, “Welcome.”

Landscape Lighting

Your prize lilies, the palm trees that each look unique, the majestic southern live oak trees, a fountain or water feature — any of these can be lit to create a vignette of depth and texture. While you may select focal points in your landscape to receive the attention, lighting along hedges and borders can also increase safety and visibility along your driveway and walkways.

Garden Lighting

Whether you have a formal garden or something a bit wilder, the right lighting will make a splash of color pop. Your garden at night may outshine its daytime counterpart.

Deck and Patio Lighting

Extend the pleasure of using your deck and patio into the wee hours. There’s no need to move the party indoors when the sun sets.

Pool Lighting

If you have a pool, the lighting effects can be magical with a combination of lights underwater and lights anchored in nearby landscaping or along retaining walls to outline the area. The effect of lights dancing on the water’s surface is truly mesmerizing. And for safety we’ll look at lighting the path or steps from your house to the pool.

Dock Lighting

If your waterfront home has dock access, we can light the area to increase safety and welcome your guests arriving by boat. Path lighting from the dock to the house is also a good idea.

Holiday Lighting

We can do the exterior holiday decorating for you. Leave your ladders in the garage; we’ll bring our own. We can even store your holiday lights when you’re not displaying them.

To find out why Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Charleston is the most trusted outdoor lighting company in Mount Pleasant, SC, call us today at 843-412-5874 or email us at [email protected]. We look forward to hearing from you soon!

Bring A Magical Glow To Your Property Each Night With Landscape Lighting In Isle Of Palms, SC

Isle of Palms — the name says it all, doesn’t it? We have a wonderful variety of majestic palm trees here along with other beautiful, subtropical vegetation. And yet, when the sun goes down, much of this beauty disappears from sight.

Whether you’re a full-time or part-time resident of Isle of Palms, SC, you have to appreciate the beauty of our natural surroundings. Many homeowners make the most of nature’s gifts by further enhancing their property with exquisite landscaping. Whether you do the work yourself or hire a team of landscapers, a good bit of time, effort and money has gone into your landscape. Why let it go dark each evening? Bring your property to life after sunset every night with the magic of professionally designed and installed landscape lighting.

Landscape lighting in Isle of Palms has reached new heights, so of course you’re seeing it almost everywhere you go, on private property as well as at commercial establishments. Right from the start, landscape lighting serves two purposes for property owners: aesthetics and safety.

Landscape Lighting Delivers Beauty You Can Appreciate

As soon as you have professional landscape lighting installed at your home, you’ll wonder why you waited so long to add that level of beauty to your surroundings after dark. The effects are more transformative than you’d expect. Just the right amount of illumination, perfectly placed among your trees, flowers and shrubs, suddenly draws new depth and texture into view. It takes an experienced, professional company like Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Charleston to work that magic.

Landscape Lighting Provides Increased Safety

Whether it’s path lighting or gently illuminating dark spots around your home, landscape lighting can increase the safety of your family and guests at night. When the walkways and outdoor steps are easier to see, you run less risk of stumbles and spills. What’s more, would-be intruders are deterred by well-lit sites.

Landscape Lighting Is Increasingly Affordable To Power Up

Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Charleston uses LED outdoor lighting with the newest technology, and that creates a huge savings for homeowners. LED lighting uses 80% less energy than the halogen lights used outdoors previously, and we use only the highest-quality bulbs and fixtures. If the monthly hit to your electricity bill was holding you back, now is the time to let landscape lighting brighten your world. If you currently have an older, less energy-efficient system, ask us about retrofitting your fixtures and bulbs for monthly savings.

We offer the following advantages when you choose our trained and experienced professionals to design and install your landscape lighting:

  • The best landscape lighting designs
  • The highest-quality fixtures
  • The most professional installation
  • Extraordinary customer service
  • The best warranty in the industry

We know the Isle of Palms landscape better than anyone. We know each species of palm tree and we have our own love affair with southern live oaks. Let us introduce you to Isle of Palms after dark.

To find out why Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Charleston is one of the most trusted names in Isle of Palms, SC, landscape lighting, call us today at 843-412-5874, email us at [email protected], or fill out the form below. We look forward to hearing from you soon!

Bring Your Charleston Patio To Life After Dark With Festive Lighting This Spring

Is the party on your patio this spring, and are you ready with the festive lighting? We’re talking about string party lighting, also known as market lighting, festival lighting or bistro lighting. It won’t take long to have your patio outfitted with high-quality LED string lighting installed by professional lighting technicians from Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Charleston. You won’t have to lift a finger.

Spring comes early in Charleston, and you’re already seeing signs of it everywhere. The urge to spend more time outdoors is kicking in. Whether you’re digging in the dirt already, or relaxing on the patio, it’s time to think about turning that patio into a place where people will want to gather after dark.

Just because you install party lights doesn’t mean you have to invite guests over every night. It does mean your patio will be well lit and will give off a celebratory vibe when the sun goes down each evening. Dining al fresco will suddenly become more inviting. Conversations that used to take place around the dinner table after the meal will likely move outdoors now. And when you do decide to entertain guests, your patio will already be festive and party-ready.

Festive lighting for your Charleston patio brings the added benefit of increasing your family’s and guests’ safety outdoors. With strings of lights running back and forth across the area, suddenly pathways and steps are well lit, too, and tripping hazards are no longer lurking in the shadows.

If you’ve seen those flimsy strings of party lights at the discount store, please don’t think that’s what Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Charleston will install at your home. We use professional-grade lights that can stand up to the weather and stay outdoors permanently. Our lighting designer will visit your home and consult with you to determine where and how to string the festive lighting. If your patio doesn’t have a place to hang the lights, we’ll install poles to make it look just right.

So don’t wait for summer to start using your patio late into the evening. It’s time to enjoy the outdoors after dark now. Once you experience festive outdoor lighting at your home, you’ll wonder why you didn’t do this sooner.

To see how Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Charleston can bring your backyard patio to life at night, call us today at (843) 412-5874, email us at [email protected] or fill out the form below. We look forward to hearing from you soon!

Myrtle Beach Outdoor Lighting Never Looked So Good!

Being able to awake each morning to the sounds of waves hitting the shore and watching the full moon over the ocean from the comfort of your own backyard is truly a treat. Allow your dream life to continue well into the evening and night with a home and landscape lighting system designed by Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Charleston. Instead of being just another dim, uninviting house on the beach, turn it into a coastal treasure. With the additional benefit of creating safety and security to guide you from the beach at night and up the stairs, outdoor lighting on your beach front home is a win/win.

Your beach house is more than likely one of your favorite destinations. This favorite destination is also most likely one of your larger investments. Why not make it look the part? With an upscale, turnkey outdoor lighting installation your beach front home can shine at night showing off all the most beautiful areas of your property. From the illumination of the home’s facade, stairs, and walkways, to the down lighting from carefully chosen specimen trees onto your plush landscape, your home will be the envy of neighbors and passersby alike. Just imagine having dinner outdoors and enjoying a nice walk down to the beach while being guided by subtle walkway lighting. Don’t forget, when returning from an evening stroll down the beach, you’ll have no problem easily identifying your particular home; perfectly illuminated and glowing with a warm, inviting ambiance.

Try to imagine having guests over for gatherings at your Myrtle Beach beach front home. With professionally designed and installed Myrtle Beach outdoor lighting, the fun doesn’t have to end once the sun goes down.From cocktails on the deck to an evening challenge of Bocce or corn hole in your backyard, you can enjoy your beach front home whenever you desire. The additional lighting provided by our high-quality brass and copper fixtures will keep your outdoor living areas functioning in a gorgeous glow of light and eliminate potential tripping hazards and previously dark spots in which you wouldn’t venture after dark. Grilling on the patio while the kids run around after dark is something that previously may not have been a possibility. Professionally designed and installed outdoor lighting by Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Charleston can bring functionality and beauty to your home and its outdoor living areas in perfect harmony. You’ll essentially be able to have your cake and eat it too.

To see how Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Charleston can bring additional beauty and security to your Myrtle Beach beach front home, call us today at 843-412-5874, email us at [email protected], or fill out the form below. We look forward to hearing from you soon!

Bring Your Charleston Palm Trees to Life at Night with Properly Installed Tree Lighting!

Do your prized Charleston palm trees disappear as soon as the sun goes down? If so, Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Charleston has the knowledge and expertise to make sure your Charleston palms are visible and glowing long into the night. With the proper installation of some very subtle lighting fixtures, your Charleston palm trees will glow throughout the evening hours with just the right amount of illumination. The importance of having a professionally-installed tree lighting system cannot be overstated.

Do not attempt to do tree lighting yourself. Too many variables come into play when getting the best lighting effect for each palm tree. Every palm tree is unique; each one bends and curves in many different directions. It takes a true professional to properly light the many species of palm trees we have here in Charleston, South Carolina.

In our area, we have several species of palm trees, including the Sabal palmetto, Sabal minor, Pindo palm and Needle palm. Each of these species requires a different approach to achieve the optimal lighting effect. Through our superior knowledge of these trees and our dedication to perfection, we are able to ensure each palm tree is illuminated according to its own intricacies.

Some of the palm trees in Charleston reach 50 or 60 feet tall and require a narrow beam of light to achieve the perfect lighting effect. A tree that bends requires more distant lighting placed precisely to ensure that the entire tree is illuminated. Through the combination of our top-of-the-line lighting fixtures and unparalleled expertise in illuminating palm trees, no other company can compare to our results.

To find out how quickly Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Charleston can have your yard’s palm trees awash in illumination for the nighttime hours, call us today at (843) 412-5874, email us at [email protected] or fill out the form below. We look forward to speaking with you!

Prepare Your Backyard for the Dark Months Ahead with Charleston, SC Landscape Lighting

What happens when your favorite backyard relaxation spot is enveloped in darkness? Do you simply stop going out there during the long, dark months ahead? With professionally designed and installed landscape lighting by Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Charleston, you can enjoy any and every part of your yard no matter what time of day it is. When it comes to ensuring your yard not only looks great, but also has practical illumination, it’s important you rely on the professionals.

As you are undoubtedly preparing for upgrading, adding-on or simply budgeting for fall or spring landscaping, don’t forget about the lighting! It takes a true outdoor lighting professional to take your landscape’s best attributes, create a design to highlight those areas and then implement that same design. At Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Charleston, we know each home and landscape are completely unique. It’s for this very reason we will create a custom-tailored landscape lighting design for your yard.

If you’re planting trees this fall, which is undoubtedly the most common time of year to plant them, have you though about adding elegant illumination to them once the sun goes down? With the large variety of palms and legacy oaks here in Charleston, SC and surrounding areas, highlighting these cornerstones of your landscape can do wonders for your yard’s curb appeal. Through professionally designed and installed landscape lighting, your yard can be given added depth and character during the nighttime hours.

To find out why Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Charleston is the most trusted landscape lighting company in Charleston, SC and surrounding areas, call us today at (843) 412-5874, email us at [email protected] or fill out the form below. We look forward to hearing from you soon!

Charleston, SC Landscape Lighting can Bring your Yard to Life in the Evenings!

As we slowly but surely approach the darker months, would you like to be able to enjoy your patio, deck, courtyard or pergola during the pleasant evening hours? With professionally designed and installed outdoor lighting, each and every aspect of your home and outdoor living areas can remain beautifully awash in illumination throughout the evening hours. Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Charleston can bring both beauty and practical illumination to your home today!

When you arrive home after a long, hard day of work at the office, how nice is it to be able to enjoy your deck, patio or courtyard? What happens once daylight saving time ends? You’re more than likely not going to be able to relax comfortably within your home’s outdoor livings spaces. That’s what makes outdoor lighting so great; you can not only see the area in which you like to mingle, but the lighting itself creates a relaxing environment. Outdoor lighting creates the feeling of security within a soothing ambiance, something that would quickly dissipate once the sun went down without adequate lighting.

Think about the walkways and pathways surrounding your home and outdoor living spaces. Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to see where you’re walking while simultaneously having the gorgeous effect created by outdoor lighting? That’s what separates us from other outdoor lighting companies in Charleston, SC, and surrounding areas – we understand that it’s strictly about the effect created by the lighting, not the fixtures themselves. It’s for this very reason our design understanding remains top-notch. Remember, there’s a thin line between too much lighting and not enough.

To find out how Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Charleston can have your home, walkways and outdoor living spaces wonderfully awash in subtle illumination all year round, call us today at (843) 412-5874, email us at [email protected] or fill out the form below. We look forward to hearing from you soon!

Charleston, SC Outdoor Lighting Perfected

With all the beauty which is present all throughout Charleston, especially the exquisite homes, why would you ever want that to disappear come nightfall? Professionally designed and installed outdoor lighting can showcase your home and landscape as long into the evening as you would like. In addition to making your home the envy of the neighborhood during the evenings, outdoor lighting can also add safety and security to your property come nightfall.

Charleston, SC Landscape Lighting

Imagine being able to see your landscape in a different light, literally. Once nighttime arrives, with outdoor lighting installed, your property will take on a new persona. Rich, vibrant colors and textures will give your home’s landscape additional character. If your property’s perimeter disappears once the sun sets, then landscape lighting can change that, too. Highlighting trees and other taller elements of your landscape can extend your property’s perimeter and create a subtle, elegant boundary of illumination.

No longer will you have to worry about where you’re stepping once it’s dark outside. Our meticulously designed pathway lighting will allow you and your guests to traverse your home’s walkways without the worry of tripping hazards come nightfall. The addition of outdoor lighting not only provides safety when traveling through your yard at night, it also provides security. Statistically speaking, a well-lit home is much less likely to be targeted by would be intruders than a non well-lit home on the very same street.

Let’s not forget about illuminating the beautiful variety of trees we have in our area. From the legacy oaks to the elaborate palms, Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Charleston has the experience and training to provide any tree on your property with the perfect amount of illumination. It truly takes an expert to design and install the layout which best suits your home and landscape. For this very reason, we offer a 100% free nighttime demonstration which will allow us to show you how your home and landscape will look with outdoor lighting installed prior to putting down a single fixture.

To find out what Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Charleston can do for your home and landscape, call us today at (843) 412-5874, email us at [email protected] or fill out the form below. We look forward to hearing from you!

Charleston, SC Pool Lighting? Yes, Please!

Summer’s here and that means it’s time to spend relaxing days by the pool. But, what if you wanted to spend the entire day by the pool? Does your pool become unpleasantly dark and uninviting once the sun sets? If you’re like most people, your pool is a gathering area. Not only is your pool area where you go swimming, but you also probably enjoy grilling out poolside during the evenings as well. Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Charleston can provide your pool area with additional safety during the evenings through professionally designed and installed outdoor lighting.

Low-voltage outdoor lighting is a necessity near water. Through our low-voltage LED outdoor lighting, your pool area can be enjoyed by family and friends as long into the evenings as you’d like. In addition to the safety provided by outdoor lighting, your pool area will also take on a relaxing ambiance you never knew was possible. Imagine being able to relax by the pool with your family, being able to see what’s cooking on the grill and seeing your food as you prepare to eat all by way of elegant illumination. Sounds nice, right? Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Charleston can make it happen.

When it comes to your pool area, we know the design for your outdoor lighting will be completely unique. Not only is your pool area going to be different than other pool areas, but so are your goals and objectives for your outdoor lighting. Do you need light to extend the perimeter surrounding your pool? Do you have a firepit and/or grill which you would like to see awash in light come nightfall? All of these variable, plus more, go into creating the perfect outdoor lighting system design just for you. Charleston pool lighting is just one of our many specialties, however, outdoor lighting is all we do. We focus 100% of our time and energy into ensuring you receive the outdoor lighting system that not only meets, but exceeds your expectations.

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National Home Improvement Month Highlights the Importance of Outdoor Lighting

May is National Home Improvement Month. Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Charleston is here to help our customers bring new life to their outdoor living areas as well as their home and landscape. No matter the type of renovation you’re preparing, whether you’re adding a pool, adding an elaborate hardscape, or simply want to see your favorite areas awash in light, we can handle it all!

Outdoor lighting can add curb appeal to your home and accentuate the areas within your backyard which go dormant come sundown. Basking your home in elegant illumination can help to highlight any area of your home or yard. Your flowerbeds and gorgeous palm trees can be jolted to life during the evening hours with a few carefully placed lighting fixtures. We believe you should be able to enjoy your home and yard no matter what time of day or year it is. Providing illumination to your home which serves both an aesthetic and practical purpose is our specialty. Rely on the professionals at Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Charleston!

The addition of outdoor lighting can also extend your home’s outdoor living areas during the evenings. Through the careful placement of our high-quality copper and brass outdoor lighting fixtures, your home’s front and back yard can be extended. We can create a perimeter of illumination which will truly show off your yard’s character as well as create a wonderful ambiance during the evenings. You and your guests may wonder how you ever lived without your very own custom designed outdoor lighting system.

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Charleston SC Landscape Lighting Perfected

Now that spring is in full swing, it’s time to make sure your landscape really shows up at night. Have you spent hour upon hour preparing your garden’s beautiful flowers? Are the blossoming trees beginning to take shape? With all the work you’ve put into nurturing and pruning your landscape, why would you allow it to simply disappear when the sun goes down? Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Charleston can bring subtle, elegant illumination to your home’s landscape all year round.

Charleston, SC landscape lighting is perfect for every season of the year. While the seasons may change, the weather here in Charleston stays relatively mild. We can create the perfect landscape lighting design to take advantage of every beautiful facet of your landscaping. From your beautiful legacy oaks and palm trees, to your pathway down to the marsh, we’ll leave no stone unturned. Our expert landscape lighting designers will take all your yard’s most treasured areas and keep them visible long into the evenings.

In order to entertain your guests this spring and summer, you’ll need adequate lighting for the evening hours. You don’t want your guests scattering towards the indoors once nightfall hits. With the proper landscape lighting design, we will illuminate your backyard entertaining space with both direct and ambient illumination. Cookouts and evenings under the stars will no longer be cut short just because it’s dark outside. We can even create a perimeter of light the extends past your outdoor entertaining areas for guests to mingle comfortably within. Landscape lighting is our specialty, and one we take extremely seriously.

For a free consultation and/or nighttime demonstration, call Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Charleston today at (843) 412-5874, email us at [email protected] or click the orange “Contact Us” button to the top right. We look forward to hearing from you soon!

Outdoor Lighting at the Sleep Inn in Charleston, South Carolina

Seabrook Island Outdoor Lighting Installation

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